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Cell Phone Tripod With Remote

This Cell Phone tripod is unrivalled for capturing your latest selfie With ease! It's lightweight and straightforward to use, making it splendid for busy cities or long worked days, whether your Phone is in front of or behind the tripod, it's going to look better! The Remote desktop stand also includes a set of security features, so you can keep your privacy forever. But what about your Phone when you're not using it? This Cell Phone tripod comes With a built-in hand grip, so you can keep your Phone in front of the camera even when you're not holding it, plus, the lightweight design means that you can take your Phone With you regardless of weather or schedule.

Desktop Stand Desk Holder For Iphone/samsung

With Fill Light Selfie Stick

By Casedazzle


Stand W/ Remote Control For Cell Phone Camera

Portable Octopus Flexible Tripod Stand

By Unbranded/Generic


Remote Cell Phone Holder Desktop Stand For Iphone Samsung Us

Selfie Stick Tripod Remote Cell

By iBrookAuction


Stand Holder For Canon Nikon Cell Phone Remote Dslr

Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod Stand

By New Genesis Online


Stand For Cell Phone With Bluetooth Remote

Universal 62-inch Selfie Stick Tripod

By New Genesis Online


Cell Phone Tripod

This Cell Phone tripod is top-quality for taking photos and videos from your Phone at the same time! It's lightweight and facile to use, and it's top grade for use at home, on the go, or in your office, these universal Cell Phone tripod adapters hold most Cell phones in any position for an exceptional camera grip. The stand fits most Phone sizes and battery types, max pax, iphone, android, ipad, ipad air, ipad mini, iphone 6 5 5 4 6 8 plus, 9 plus the mobile holder for is exquisite for attaching to a selfie stick or tripod. Made of sturdy materials, this holder will keep your device safe and easy, the universal Cell Phone tripod mount is a first-class surrogate to keep your Phone in good condition while you're on a trip. The mount can be attached to your wall or wallboard With quick release straps and is in like manner adjustable to as low as 2, the mount extends a sturdy build and can hold a wide variety of Cell phones, from old get- offline devices to new, innovative models.