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Slik Universal U112 Tripod

The Slik Universal u-112 tripod with Slik insta-lok t-210 monopod lightweight is top-notch for shooting video or photo shots with ease, with its lightweight design and monopod light, Slik u-112 Universal tripod is terrific for straightforward capturing of video or photo shots. Additionally, the Slik Universal u-112 is equipped with a variety of features such as Slik insta-lok t-210 monopod lightweight, which will help you take beautiful photos with ease.

Slik U112 Tripod

The Slik u-112 tripod is a black version of the same tripod that is used by cameras and video cameras, it is an 55-inch camera video stand tripod that is first-class for use with a range of different types of cameras and videos. The u-112 gives a black color and is produced of durable materials that will last long in your home or office, this is a good condition Slik tripod. It's not just a new piece of metal and plastic, it's a good quality piece of equipment, it grants a sturdy construction that will handle many years of use. This tripod is a top-grade addition to your vintage Slik camera video tripod collection, the new Slik u-112 Universal tripod is a top-rated tool for photography, video and video photography products. This tripod is fabricated from durable plastic and is equipped with a digital camera, tripod mount and capabilities that make it top-of-the-heap for any kind of photography, the Slik Universal tripod u-112 dx is a soft case that makes it effortless to take with you when you want to take photos or videos. It is in like manner facile to set up and use.