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Vivitar V3000 Tripod

This cork top new heavy duty metal quick release plate for the Vivitar V3000 tripods will take your money and help you keep your tripod in good condition while on the go, this plate is unrivalled for enthusiasts who like to take pictures in all directions which can often lead to the tripod being knocked off the plateau and even into the pool. The cork top heavy duty metal quick release plate will keep your tripod safe and sound even when you're not using it, so you can focus on your pictures and not lose your work area.

Video Tripod Accessories

The Vivitar V3000 tripod is a high-quality tripod that can be used for taking photos and videos, the tripod can be controlled with two knobs for height and pan and tilt. The tripod also renders an 360 pan and tilt feature which makes it first-rate for capturing memories, this heavy duty metal quick release plate is sensational for your Vivitar V3000 tripods. The plate is able to accept other quick release devices, such as plastic or metal clips, the plate also features a cork top design which makes it look and feel more important. This heavy duty metal quick release plate is a top-of-the-heap addition to your Vivitar V3000 tripods, this quick release plate is produced of heavy-duty metal qr shoe and it fits the Vivitar V3000 pro video tripod well. The plate provides two quick release points, one on the left side and one on the right side of the plate, the quick release plate offers a rubberized area on it to keep it in place and to avoid looseness. The plate is likewise made of anodized aluminum for stability, the Vivitar V3000 tripod is a terrific substitute for people that want a high-quality, facile to adopt tripod. This tripod offers an adjustable height of 360 degrees and a pan tilt of 10 degrees, the tripod also features an 10 foot long surrogate as well as an everyday use option.