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Phone Tripod

If you're searching for a durable and reliable camera stand to keep your Phone safe and safe, octopus adjustable tripod is the one for you! This tripod stand is manufactured from heavy-duty materials to support your Phone and provide a good stability for when you need to take pictures or take videos.

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Universal 62-inch Selfie Stick Tripod

By New Genesis Online


With Fill Light Phone Desktop Stand Holder Universal

Cell Phone Tripod

This cell Phone tripod stand is practical for convenience when taking pictures or videos with your Phone in your pocket, the adjustability allows you to place the camera in any position without having to remove your Phone from your pocket. Additionally, the flexible material makes it facile to change positions without taking your hands from your phone, this professional camera tripod stand holder for the iphone, samsung, lg cell phones is top for stable camera shots or when you need to take photos in a specific location. The height can be adjusted to tailor any Phone size, and it comes with a mount for any phone's lens, the 53 extendable Phone tripod is a metal construction with an easy-to-use wireless remote that allows for basic camera setup and control. The tripod can be attached to a surface with two included screws, and it stands up to pressure from on-screen viewing temples, the tripod is likewise comfortable to adopt with an 9 mm lens and renders a tension control for adjustability. The cell Phone tripod stand is a top-notch way to keep your Phone in good condition while you take pictures or video, it is fabricated of aluminum alloy and grants an 54 inch tall height at its long end. The long end can be easily adjusted to your needs while taking pictures or videos, the tripod stand is additionally wireless so you can take pictures or videos while you are on the go.