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Calumet Tripod

This lino manfrotto camera stand is for the stand which includes a calumet-inspired tripod head with a modern look and feel, this stand can be used to hold a camera when you take a photo, or use it to stand up your camera when you take a video. The pole extends a modern look and is fabricated of durable plastic with a bright red color.

Quick Release + Remote Control For Canon Eos Rebel T7i
& Head Believed 3000/3030

Calumet Branded Manfrotto Medium Tripod

By Calumet / Manfrotto


& Calumet Tpm-ii Head ~ Toyo Tpm-ii

50" Xit Pro Series Aluminum

By Pro Series


Model 051b Folding Light Stand Calumet Tripod Studio Photo

Calumet Tripod Walmart

The tripod is a best-in-class surrogate for posing and shooting photos or videos with a large body, it gives a medium spindles head and a three-way quick release head, making it straightforward to change the follow-up head if needed. The medium spindles head is conjointly uncomplicated to maintain, even for the most camera bodies, this item is an original tripod legs and is in good condition. It is further backpacking quality, with heavy-gauge aluminum poles, the three legs are long, go up to a total of three sections, and have robertson's this item is a : original tripod legs. These are first rate value and good quality for backpacking use, the 3-section structure means that these legs can handle a lot of weight, and the heavy-gauge poles make them strong and durable. This tripod is used 8 aluminum tripod that is enticing for capturing video or photos with precision, the tripod renders a weight to avoid being off the ground and a stabilized base to make video or photos look smooth and look like they were taken with a regular tripod. This type of tripod is splendid for individuals who need to take photos or video with precision, and the barrel makes it difficult to video or photo size, this product is a tripod head for the tripod camera. It is designed to work with all cameras, the head extends three scott screws on each side to fasten the head to the camera body. The head is in like manner straightforward to clean because it provides a crevice tool and a sharpening stone.